“What is Personal Fitness Training?”

Assisted Chest StretchPersonal fitness training is one on one health and fitness private training. Primarily it’s to motivate, educate and coach the client to achieving results and attaining their personal fitness goals. Each training session is designed specifically for the client and their fitness goals, which makes it so effective. With Personal Training there’s guidance and reassurance that you are performing the exercises with correct technique, without the risk of injury. From one training session to the next, you will be challenged at the right intensity for you with the appropriate training methods to keep you progressing in every session. Each training session lasts an hour and you will be guided from warm up, all the way through to stretching.

Included in the package there’s nutritional advice and coaching. You will produce a food diary on a weekly basis which will be analysed and advice will be given to help you progress gradually towards eating a healthier diet. Nutritional goals will be set on a weekly basis to keep you focused throughout your training. (As with the Personal Training, changes you make in your diet are also progressive lifestyle changes that will eventually become habitual and natural to you. No need for crash dieting or cutting out carbs as they do not work in the long run!)

No one wants to be disappointed, especially you. Working with a personal trainer, you will be motivated to keep up the good work to avoid letting them down but more importantly yourself. I will support, inspire and get you through the tough times to keep you progressing in your personal fitness training.

Hollywood actors, celebrities and athletes all hire a personal trainer on site to help them achieve the high goals expected of them. Why is that? Personal training optimises safe and substantial improvements to their body in the shortest amount of time. With sheer work and determination it guarantees RESULTS!!!

Not only for an aesthetic or sports related reason, people are turning to Personal Training also for health and wellbeing, which is often the reason a lot of people don’t think to have a personal trainer for. In the last 10 years the national obesity rates have rocketed and people’s lives have become sedentary. This is a major problem which potentially leads to more illnesses such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension (High blood pressure), High cholesterol, the list is endless. Now, people from varying backgrounds and levels of fitness are hiring trainers to get results, which would almost be impossible to get on their own and lead a healthier future. Everyone could benefit from having a personal trainer, even personal trainers train with other personal trainers to achieve great results.

Based in London, I offer Personal training for people of all fitness levels from complete beginners to elite athletes whatever their goals are.

To make a positive start to achieving your fitness goals, please click here for your free no obligation consultation (worth £50).